Yeah, damn right. It´s all about Content. Full-Service. Full-Contact. Since 1996.

What content? In this case, i´m talking about film. TV-Ads, Imagefilms, Viral Videos, Web-Series, Explain-Videos, POS-Clips, Music-Videos, Making-ofs, Product-Videos, Clips for Social-Media and a lot more.

Let´s talk about YOUR next project.

- Content Strategy
- Storytelling
- Film Director
- Producer
- Postproduction
- Photography
- Project Management (i have a huge freelancer network. HUGE!)
- Workshops

- ready-to-cut AV workstation, Ableton Push2
- mobile AV workstation
- ready-to-shoot 4K 60FPS Digital Filmcamera/Gimbal/Audio-Equipment

- DaVinci Ressolve Studio, Fusion, FCPX, Motion, Ableton Live Suite, Affinity Designer/Photo/Publisher
- countless plugins and other av software
- over 230GB cleared audio-samples
- everything legal and licensed


Projects (selection)

  • Design, production and distribution of a edutainment DVD for becoming fathers

  • Various productions for tv and cinema as a set or unit manager, national and international. Featuring actors like Helge Schneider, Götz George, Daniel Brühl, David Strathairn, Florian Lukas, Lotto King Karl, Rick Kavanian, Axel Stein, Bastian Pastewka, Frank Giering, Nina Proll, Peter Lohmeyer, Jürgen Tarrach, Ingo Naujocks, Anatole Taubman, Katy Karrenbauer, Alexandra Neldel, Christiane Hörbiger, Fabian Busch, Herbert Knaup, Fritzi Haberlandt, Uwe Ochsenknecht, Katharina Thalbach, Chris Hemsworth and many more

  • Various TV-commercials as set manager, such as OBI, Porsche, Natreen

  • Various TV-commercials as director and / or Producer for GlaxoSmithkline, Eismann, Lamy, Vantage, Annika, Thomas,

  • Conception and production of content for DTC racing-series, mainly for Facebook. Over 250 Clips shot on 8 weekends, increased Facebook fans from 2400 to over 12000

  • Design of an app for a exhibition and worldwide design-roadshow at Vitra Design Museum in Weil am Rhein

  • Design and production of a 3D animation for VITRA AG

  • Design and production of a 3D animation / Zeiss Cinemizer for Thomas Wasserstaubsauger at Ifa Berlin

  • 2.AD at Rush (Ron Howard) / action unit (ca. 150 team-members, 300 total), significant participation in shooting and organisation

  • Production of a audio-book for Kytta Sedativum / Merck, circulation 30.0000 CDs

  • Various musicvideos as a set manager / producer or director for Melanie Thorton, UB40, Gentleman, Lenny, Korsakow, Watson&Creek

  • Conception and production of a edutainment video E-Post Brief / Deutsche Post

  • Numerous eventvideos / motivationals for Gauloises, Eismann and Trilux

  • 5 Years as head of marketing communication in part-time at Kinzel AG, including a complete corporate re-design

  • Numerous concepts of websites, including photography and graphic design

  • Design and production of a cooking video series for Landgard with Sebastian Lege

  • Still photography for a ZDF documentary about coal mining in germany